Become a Millionaire Realtor

Build wealth, get the dream life, and earn more than 3x your peers with Redline Real Estate and Real Broker. 


Join a community of 70+ growth minded agents who are on the path to becoming Millionaire Realtors. 

Who you work with matters

Access our community, collaboration and coaching. Take the next step towards becoming
a millionaire realtor at Redline Real Estate. 

“The support that Redline gives us makes us better realtors” 
“Redline makes me a better Realtor and gives my clients an edge” 
“There is so much support with the systems, admin & leadership” 
“I’m always growing and learning with Redline”

Instant Business Upgrade

Walk into our doors and feel the difference
on day 1. We're not just about transactions; we're about transforming your business. 


Our agents aren't just doing well --
on average they are earning over $100k/year in take home cash. We're in the business of building prosperous agents. 


At Redline | Real Broker, we've got no monthly fees, industry-low splits, and clear caps. You'll know the maximum you'd pay to the firm upfront. And guess what? You're charged only when you've made a sale to cover it. 

Agent Community
& Presence

Our community of 70+ Realtors
isn't just strong; it's vibrant, supportive,
and constantly evolving. And our presence?
It resonates both with agents and consumers. 

The Redline
Culture Hub

We offer the high-tech benefits 
of the Cloud Brokerage model, complemented by our tangible "Culture Hub" (office) at 
Redline HQ. 

The Redline

Wondering how to scale up? 
Or maybe
start strong? We've got the blueprint ready. Say goodbye to trial and error and hello to proven strategies. 

Take the next step towards becoming a millionaire realtor at Redline Real Estate. 


The Redline Agent VIP Experience

Join an exclusive team of real estate agents who are leaving the competition behind with our proven methodologies, blueprints, coaching, and community. 

Drop & Go Listings

Scale your output and sales. List with ease and
let us handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Done-for-You Marketing
& Templates

We’ve got marketing professionals and templates for every kind of promotion you want. You get unlimited access to all of it. Whether you prefer the Redline branding or your personal touch, we’ve got you covered. 

Admin Concierge

From being your listing quarterback,
ensuring every detail is managed with precision, to acting as your dedicated listing marketing strategist, we've got you covered. 

Culture and

Access our dedicated platform for
Redline agents. Share feedback, ask questions, and connect with peers. 
Everything we do in-person, from chats to meetings to training, is recorded and pushed to our digital Workplace. Think of it as the heartbeat of Redline, online. 

Training, Coaching & Mentorship

Get direct access to a vast experience set
with industry leaders like Redline founders Darren and Brett. From direct messaging to
one-on-one mentorship, you're covered.
Plus, access our extensive coaching and
Real Estate agent education courses with hundreds of hours and hundreds videos. 

Proactive, Strategic Support

Get timely and relevant market insights, strategies, and coaching from local
top-producing team agents. With monthly keynotes, sales strategy sessions, and
localized business-building advice,
you’re always in the loop. 


Why Redline Real Estate? 

Join the exclusive team of real estate agents who are leaving the competition behind
with our proven methodologies and blueprints. 

Prioritize your personal &
professional growth

Scale your output and sales. List with ease and 
let us handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Join a Team that Breathes Culture

Don't miss out on our award winning "Culture Hub" at Redline HQ. Here, agents experience a blend of culture, community, coaching, 
and that essential office environment feel. 

Grow your brand without feeling boxed in 

Unlike traditional big brand realtor groups - we want you to grow your personal brand and shine. When you join the Redline team, you’ll get all the resources, support, and coaching that will help you grow your business. 

No hidden fees and a commitment
to transparency

Recognizing the hard work and dedication you bring to the table, we ensure that your earnings reflect your efforts.

Say goodbye to exorbitant team splits and hello to a partnership where your success is our shared goal. 

Build real wealth with Real Broker

Maximize your earnings and invest in your future through 
Real Broker's stock share programs. As a publicly traded entity, Real Broker provides multiple avenues to build ownership:

  • Direct Stock purchases plus matching rewards.
  • Production based stock awards.
  • Attraction-Based Stock Awards
  • Exclusive stock awards for top producers
  • Build passive income with our industry leading revenue share model 

With us, every achievement is an opportunity to grow your wealth. 


How Redline Stacks Up Against the Competition 



No one likes hidden fees. At Redline, we've got no monthly fees, industry-low splits, and clear caps.

You'll know the maximum you'd pay to the firm upfront. 
And guess what? You're charged only when you've made 
a sale to cover it. 

Fee structures can vary, with some having hidden costs or high monthly charges. 


We're straight-up about it - we don’t offer leads. Instead, 
we empower our agents with the skills and knowledge to generate their own.

The big plus? You don't have to part with 50% of your 
hard-earned commissions. 

Many teams lure you in with cold lead lists but then 
they’ll take a significant chunk of your earnings. 


We bridge the gap between traditional high fee models and cloud-based brokerages. We offer the high-tech benefits of the Cloud Brokerage model, complemented by our tangible "Culture Hub", in-person training and people to connect with at Redline HQ. 

Some competitors lean towards cheaper discount models, while others focus solely on the traditional 
real estate model. 


We are not a 40-year-old brand – and that's our strength! We're fresh, innovative, and cutting-edge.

We’re the tech-savvy, modern cousins in the real estate family. 

Legacy real estate brands, boasting massive populations of Calgary agents, may cling to the prestige of their long-standing traditions. But in an evolving industry, old-school methods often translate to slow, clunky, and outdated approaches to serving agents. 


We hand you a roadmap, a proven model that's been refined to perfection. A model that helps our agents sell 3x more on average than the rest of the industry. 

While many might claim to offer guidance, their methods often come across as broad, old, and tired. 

Every moment you wait, you're sidelining your dreams. Dive in now, and start building the career and life you've always imagined. 


What Happens When You Get Started at Redline 

Sign up: immediate upgrade 
Get your branding assets 
Mentorship & coaching call 
Learn the Millionaire Realtor Playbook 
Get your marketing strategy & plan 
Close more deals
and start building wealth

Redline Successful Agent Types

The Seekers

Agents who are motivated and hungry to break through to the next level.

Agents looking to enhance their game and diversify their approach.

The Vets
The Upgraders 

Agents looking to clear the administrative clutter and focus on closing deals. 

The Newbies 

Agents who are new to the industry and need that extra training & mentorship. 

In an industry determined to guard and protect - we’ve embraced the opposite. 

Redline Realtors are winning because of community, collaboration, and coaching. 

“You’re surrounded by people who want to help you achieve your goals”  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Fast Can I Get the Redline Experience Started? 

As soon as you make the decision and sign that agreement, consider yourself in the fast lane. With Redline, it's like getting an instant business upgrade. We ensure that from the moment you step in, you're set on a path of continuous growth, learning, and success.

How fast does it take for someone to be successful? 

While we lay out the path and hand you the tools, the pace of your success depends on how swiftly you can leverage them. For some, it's a sprint; for others, a steady jog. 

What type of splits should I expect? 

80% commission on every sale paid to you.  20% back to Redline | Real Broker. 

When do I start paying for fees? 

We have no monthly fees. And you don’t have to pay any commission until you make your first sale. 

What do I get when I signup? 

Professional head shots.  Candid photo session. Business cards. 
Marketing created for you.  Online Real estate education courses.  
Coaching and business planning sessions. 

Who do I call when I have a problem? 

In addition to our broker support art real broker, redline agents have access to local in-house broker support, mentorship and coaching. 

Redline Real Estate Group Agents are proudly licensed with Real Broker.


#210 7015 Macleod Trail SW,
Calgary, AB T2H 2K6